Anh Kim Food Production Joint Stock Company ( AK FOOD) is the Vietnamese leading manufacturer, supplier, and exporter of nutritious food products: fresh porridge, healthy soup, and instant porridge. We strongly believe that natural, fresh ingredients are keys to nutritional quality food products.

Therefore, we are perpetually strict in selecting partners that supply raw ingredients. With a solid of experience in the nutritious food industry, AK FOOD proudly provides high-quality products to customers

We are the owner of the Cay Thi brand – the oldest nutrition rice porridge brand in Vietnam since 1998.

Input ingredients are provided by suppliers via the company’s supplier selection, evaluation before purchasing. There is an annual periodic surveillance assessment according to the standards. even the following:

  • Ensure food safety and hygiene follow the provisions of the Food Law.
  • Do not use additives outside the permitted list, GMO (genetically modified)
  • 100% of raw ingredients have to passed by Quality Control staff

Use the Japanese technology of cooking fresh ingredients in specialized multi-layer aluminum packaging, and apply sterilization technique to cook the food inside the package, which helps preserve the nourishment in the products. Commit not to add preservatives, and synthetic colors, AK FOOD‘S products are as healthy, nutritious, and delicious as home-cooked

AK FOOD always believes that in order to get nutritious and quality food, the ingredients must be fresh and natural. Therefore, we have built an evil chicken farm in Chau Thanh district, Tien Giang province to meet VietGAHP standard to ensure the absolute source of quality and natural meat.

AK FOOD always carefully selects raw materials and through many stages before processing food, ensuring the nutrition and quality of the product when it is marketed to serve customers.