Participating in the Family Festival organized by Anh Kim Food Company, the runner-up family of Bang Chau brought the warm and harmonious atmosphere of the true home.

This is an annual activity of the Cay Thi food brand, organized by TincomMedia Company under the sponsorship of information of Entrepreneur Culture Magazine, accompanied by the units: Truong Son Media Joint Stock Company, Viet Sin food, Anh Hong flan, Cafe De Bakery, Bongmilk fresh milk, Vherbs herbal tea, Dai An vegetarian food, Ozon machine, Mai Khoi electric appliance, Goldfood food, American training system Top Art, Tammy fashion, etc. The event attracted the attention of many families with more than 3,000 participants.

Runner-up of Bang Chau shared: “This is a very meaningful and humane program, an opportunity to exchange and share experiences, knowledge and skills to build a sustainable and happy family. This is also an opportunity to bond emotionally among my family members after a period of time engrossed in work and study ”.

Bang Chau runner and members of the band An Nhien (including movie actor Mai Thu Huyen, Miss Mai Mai film, Miss Khoi Entrepreneur Nguyen Thuy Linh, and Miss Tran Ngoc Lan) sent to guests to attend the ca In the summer.

In the center of the singing group, runner Bang Chau showed off her clear, sweet voice and confident performance.

Choose the pristine white, the beauty takes advantage of her appearance with 3 models of casual and youthful outfit.

An Nhien group together with Ms. Nguyen Thi Thu – Chairman and CEO of Anh Kim Food Production Joint Stock Company and journalist Minh Thuy (pink dress) – General Director of Truong Son Media Joint Stock Company.

The festival took place excitingly with games such as pig-eye blindfold, dart launcher, throwing cans, dropping bottle collars, dropping balls into brass, slots – slot plates, cassava guns, dropping balls, mandarins , Chinese chess …, especially the joint games designed specifically to test families. In the program, the organizers also donated 100 million to the charity fund of Love porridge and 50 million to the fund Vu A Dinh.

Many families who attended also received many valuable awards. The program brought a playful and creative playground, also an opportunity for members to engage and enjoy the warm moments on Vietnam Family Day 28/6.