Mother and Baby Supermarket

Con Cung Joint Stock Company is a pioneer in Vietnam specializing in children’s products. Business areas of the company include:

  • Develop retail chain systems for pregnant women and babies: Baby, Toycity, CF (SUPPLY FASHION)
  • Research and produce safe, quality and reasonably priced products for children.

Coop Mart Saigon supermarket system

Coop Mart is a retail supermarket system with a wide range of products under the management of Saigon Co.op, a cooperative economic organization based on the principle of collective ownership with the help of international cooperative movement from Japan, Singapore and Sweden.

Coop Food Store Chain

Coop Food chain Safe and convenient food stores with a variety of food products to diversify retail model, increase market share, supplement existing retail channels, bring new utilities for consumers. Coop Food Is a solution to provide safe, fresh and convenient food with a modern service style, serving the daily food needs of busy housewives.


AEON MALL is a commercial center system from Japan with a variety of entertainment needs to retail items in all fields such as fashion, household appliances and fresh food items. Delicious, quality.

Green Department

Bach Hoa Xanh chains of mini supermarkets specialize in selling fresh food and leading necessities with a variety of goods: Beverages such as beer, soft drinks, powdered milk, fresh milk, assorted milk, household products cooking taste, instant food, canned food, confectionery, snack, shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, washing powder, liquid detergent, liquid softener, …

KidsPlaza mother and baby supermarket system

Launched in 2009, Kids Plaza has built a system of 100 stores nationwide, providing more than 10,000 smart products and gadgets, certified by the world to be safe for young children, helping kids love. Comprehensive and healthy development. Kids Plaza becomes the trusted companion of millions of active young mothers across Vietnam.

Saigon Supermarket SatraMart

Saigon SatraMart supermarket together with TAX Supermarket and Center Mail Center Pham Hung, Satrafoods chain of CHTL combine to create a system of commercial service centers, supermarkets and SATRA convenience stores under the General Saigon Trading Company – MTV Limited as today.

BIBO Mart mom and baby store system

BIBO Mart Founded in 2006, the Bibo Mart Mother and Baby Store System is under the management of Bibo Mart TM, specializing in providing products for mothers (during pregnancy). and the postpartum period) and babies (ages 0 ~ 6).

Satrafoods convenience store chain

Satrafoods convenience store chain spreads across the districts in the city. Ho Chi Minh City and some urban districts of Can Tho. The Satrafoods store includes more than 4,000 food items from fruits, vegetables, fresh fish and meat to processed, high-quality frozen foods and items that cater to the people’s daily meals. the criterion “Everyday, fresh every day” always ensures to provide fresh, new foods with clear origin, ensuring food safety and hygiene with reasonable prices.

Department store system and Lotte Mart supermarket

LOTTE Mart is a company of the LOTTE Group of Korea, a large supermarket chain that sells a wide range of groceries, clothing, toys, electronics and other goods.

Mother and baby supermarket system TUTI Care

TutiCare is a leading supermarket in Vietnam for mothers and babies, specializing in retailing and distributing mom and baby products. We provide all kinds of newborn products, mother and baby accessories for the process from the time the mother is pregnant, giving birth and taking care of the babies.

Convenience store system Circle K

Circle K Starting from 1951 in Texas, USA, so far, Circle K has become one of the prestigious and popular convenience store brands worldwide famous for its quality products and Excellent customer service with over 16,000 stores.