The slow-cooked black chicken soup has many benefits for nourishing the body and recovering health. However, have you ever wondered if this dish has any other use? Let’s find out with the following article!

The slow-cooked black chicken soup has high nutritional value. The main ingredient of this dish is black chicken which has white hair, nutrients are much higher than in regular chicken.

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According to current research, black chicken is low fat, rich in protein, and has supplied 18 types of amino acids, many vitamins such as A, B1, B2, N12, E, PP … and trace elements such as K, Na, Ca, Fe, Mg, Mn, Cu … iron content (helping blood supplements) in black chicken is high, accounting for 7.9%, while bantam is only 3.9%. Besides, black chicken also adds resistance and enhances immunity in the body.

With such a high nutritional value, what are the practical benefits of slow-cooked black chicken soup? Let’s discover right now.

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In traditional medicine, evil chicken meat is used with the medicinal name of O Kei humiliation. Nutmeg has sweet, salty, fragrant, warm, non-toxic properties have high yang tonic effect, helps blood qi and blood, relieves pain, special treatment for diseases of the lungs, kidneys, sweat, back pain, and diabetes. , spermatogenesis, spermatogenesis, long-term dysentery, heat in the bones, weak limbs, and anemia, perfect for people with vulnerable organs, the elderly, people who have just recovered or are convalescing, and women after giving birth.

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The group of black broilers, black bones, is often used as a tonic for the body, a cure for depression, and a strong aphrodisiac. Low cholesterol while high linoleic acid should have medicinal value, especially in the treatment of cardiovascular disease.

According to the nutrition of traditional medicine, the black chicken has the function of the tonic kidney, liver, and blood, and is also used to treat debilitating diseases, diabetes, long-term cholera due to damaged spleen, anorexia, bad breath, and diarrhea, spermatogenesis, mixed sweating, irregular menstruation.

To raise the nutritional value of black chickens, the ancients often combined a few herbs such as Ginseng, goji berries, kumquat, jujube; or Tam ventricular, Cordyceps, and Lingzhi depending on the purpose of nourishment to process into – easy-to-use dishes and remedies.

Processing method

+ Slow cook by the steam method: the ingredients are put in a crock pot, can add ginger, wine and broth, then seal the lid of the bowl, place it in the middle of the pot, and close the lid. Then boil at high heat for 3 hours, then it’s done.

+ Slow cook by the normal method: the ingredients are put in a crock pot, add some flavors such as ginger, wine, and water, cover the pot and cook directly on the stove. First, cook on high heat for about 30 minutes, then switch to simmering until the meat is tender for about 2-3 hours.

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Remedy for using black chicken

Nutritious, sedating: 1 chicken evil, 20g pink apple, 12g dahlia, 30g conjugate. The ingredients are put in the stew pot until the meat is tender. Sedative use, nourishing the kidney, nourishing the kidney. It treats neurasthenia, and body weakness, and helps sleep better. On the other hand, pre-and post-menopausal women avoid adverse health fluctuations.

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It should attend that black chickens are rich in protein, adults should only eat two times a week, a chicken each time (200g each), and children eat once a week (half each time). When treatment is needed, adults can eat one fish divided into 1-2 times per day in the early morning and late afternoon. The treatment is 4-5 days and 10-12 courses per year.

People suffering from acute diseases such as meningitis, otitis media with purulent discharge, acute bronchitis, bird flu, nephritis, cystitis-urinary tract infection, and acute arthritis should avoid using this dish. In addition, people with digestive disorders, and dysentery should not use it. With the information from the article with the theme “What are the benefits of slow-cooked black chicken soup?”, we hope to give you answers to your questions, as well as a better understanding of this nutritious meal.


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